Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention Museum

The Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention Museum was opened in 2016 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the event. It would not have been possible without the support of the TVOTFC Steering Committee and the generous donations and work of committed community members and volunteers. The Tennessee Valley and North Alabama has always been a “hot bed of traditional old time music,” the museum features photos and memorabilia from this long and vibrant history.

Athens State University is honored to continue being a proud host for the folk music legacy that is the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention.

甘肃快3精准计划网 Playing the Guitar

Waiting to Perform

甘肃快3精准计划网 8-time champ, Randy Howard, and Friends

Images from the 1968 Fiddlers Convention
Fiddlers Convention – 1968

甘肃快3精准计划网 Playing the Tub

Playing the Banjo

The Delmore Brothers Museum

甘肃快3精准计划网The Delmore Brothers, made up of Alton and Rabon, found their start right here in Limestone County, Alabama. “Born into poverty near Elkmont, sons of tenant farmers, amid a rich tradition of gospel and Appalachian folk music;” they went on to write over 1200 songs. The Delmore Brothers became stars of the Grand Ole Opry, Grammy winners, and Country Music Hall of Famers. The Delmore Brothers Museum has been open since 2008, thanks to the generous donation of artifacts from Debby Delmore, youngest daughter of Alton Delmore. Athens State University is proud to support the goal of preserving and sharing the influential and diverse sounds of the Delmore Brothers for generations to come.

Rabon and Alton from 1947

Rabon & Alton – 1947

Rabon and Alton from 1940
Rabon & Alton – 1940

Country Music Hall of Fame
甘肃快3精准计划网 Country Music Hall of Fame Induction

Nashville Songwriters Association Hall of Fame
甘肃快3精准计划网 Nashville Songwriters Association Hall of Fame

Broadcast Music, Inc's Citation of Achievement for Beautiful Brown Eyes
Broadcast Music, Inc’s Citation of Achievement for “Beautiful Brown Eyes”

Sports Museum

The Sports Museum is located in Carter Gymnasium and showcases photos, mascots, trophies, and memorabilia from over 100 years of Athens State sports. The museum highlights a diverse array of artifacts from the early days of tennis and swimming to championship softball and basketball teams. The Sports Museum was founded with generous community support and continues to honor decades of dedicated athletes, coaches, and the community who cheered them on.

Athens State Sports Museum
Athens State Sports Museum

1908 Womens Basketball
甘肃快3精准计划网 1908 Women’s Basketball

1912 Womens Basketball
1912 Women’s Basketball

1913 Womens Basketball
甘肃快3精准计划网 1913 Women’s Basketball

1926 Swimming Team
甘肃快3精准计划网 1926 Swimming Team

1928 Womens Basketball
1928 Women’s Basketball

1942 Mens Basketball
甘肃快3精准计划网 1942 Men’s Basketball

1942 Womens Basketball
1942 Women’s Basketball

1949 Football Team
甘肃快3精准计划网 1949 Football Team

1977 Womens Volleyball
甘肃快3精准计划网 1977 Women’s Volleyball

1978 Men's Basketball
1978 Men’s Basketball

1979 Cheerleaders
1979 Cheerleaders